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Carmax Review ~ How To Buy A Car From Carmax

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Carmax Reviews

If you search for Carmax reviews on Yelp, or Carmax reviews at the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) odds are pretty good that you will find from CarMax reviews that are negative. This Carmax Review is about my personal experience at Carmax. In the past few years I have purchased one vehicle from Carmax and sold them two other vehicles. In all three transactions everything went as expected with no surprises. So my Carmax review will be a positive review.


Why So Many Carmax Complaints

If you search the internet you will find a lot of Carmax reviews. Unfortunately most of those reviews seem to lean toward the negative. And I think that's because Carmax is a multinational corporation selling used cars and trucks in the United States and Canada. And of course when you are selling used cars and trucks, some folks are likely to be unsatisfied. And because purchasing a replacement vehicle, car or truck, is an emotional experience, someone who feels dissatisfied is very motivated to give their opinion whenever they. And obviously the internet has made it easy to do that.

My Carmax Review Is Different

Since I always have had a positive experience with CarMax, my CarMax review will be positive. For the record when I purchased a vehicle from Carmax, they had no idea that I did YouTube videos and that I intended to do a Carmax review youtube video. I proceeded through the process without notifying them so that I could give an honest review. And I have to tell you right now, that everything went exactly as planned, and exactly as I expected it should go. There was no surprises, and there was nothing negative about my Carmax car buying experience.


I Have No Connection To Carmax

And I can hear your voices already, this guy works for Carmax or he is shill for Carmax, etc. How did we get to the point here in the U.S if you say something positive about a corporation, you are considered a traitor, a liar, or a bad guy somehow. Well all I can do is report the facts. My car buying experience at Carmax was positive.


Watch my YouTube video, Carmax Review

Selling A Car To Carmax

I sold two vehicles to Carmax over the years and once again everything went exactly as planned. At the point I sold both vehicles, years apart, I made no mention of the fact that I had already done a Carmax review video on youtube. And once again everything went as planned.


No-haggle Pricing

The biggest thing that folks hate about buying a car is negotiating the price! Everybody wants to get a new car but everybody dreads the concept of dealing with the car salesman and the car buying negotiation experience. And that's the beauty of the system at Carmax. There is no negotiation, it is not allowed. In fact, when I purchased a my truck from Carmax, as I mentioned in my Carmax YouTube Video Review, I tried to negotiate a lower price by offering them $1,000 less than the asking price. The salesman inform me that Carmax does not negotiate price on vehicles. And in reality that was okay. I was satisfied with the price of the vehicle as listed on the sticker and on the Carmax website, I was just trying to see if I could get a better deal.


7 Day Reyurns

Carmax list the price on their website of every vehicle in their inventory. When you get to the location, the price that was listed on the website is listed on the vehicle, and that in fact is the selling price. Carmax offers a seven day no-questions-asked return policy. The question I have is, what other dealership offers those kind of terms.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, if you do not enjoy negotiating the price of a vehicle with a used car salesman, then his boss, then his boss, Carmax is a great way to buy a used vehicle. If you buy a car or truck from a used car dealer, try going back 4 days later and telling them you want to return it because you have difficulty climbing in and out of the vehicle, see what happens then. I recognize that when you are dealing with thousands and thousands of car sales across the US and Canada, there will be issues from time to time. So my advice to folks who want to do their own Carmax review, just stick to the facts and be fair.

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