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How To Make Mcdonald's French Fries

Watch The Youtube Video: Mcdonald's French Fries At Home

Have you ever wondered how to make McDonald's french fries at home? Let's face it, every once in awhile you get a craving for those delicious McDonald's french fries. There is a reason why McDonald's french fries are the most popular fast food French fries. And it’s because they are delicious crispy on the outside, and creamy on the inside.


But wouldn't it be nice if you could make McDonald's french fries at home? Lots of folks have tried to make McDonald's copycat french fries and failed. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to make McDonald's french fries that fall short of the crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside french fry that we have come to expect from McDonalds.


We decided reverse engineer the McDonald's french fry recipe so that we could share it with you. We actually made about 20 pounds of potatoes in our effort to come up with the perfect McDonald's copycat french fry recipe. And I think we did! On our YouTube video, how to make McDonald's french fries, we will walk you through the process step by step to make perfect homemade McDonald's french fries every time. And unlike many YouTube videos that you see about how to make McDonald's french fries, it is not to freeze McDonald's french fries. I think people get confused and believe that the french fries must be frozen because that's how they see them made at the store. The reason that McDonald's french fries are Frozen at the restaurant, is because they are made in a large Factory. And the only way that the McDonald's corporation can maintain consistency and quality throughout their entire chain, is to make the french fries in one location with extreme quality control, freeze them, and ship them to their McDonald's locations

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