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What Is The Best Way To Reheat French Fries

How To Reheat Cold Fries is a YouTube Video with directions on the best way to Heat Up Leftover French Fries. Plus you will learn how to reheat cold french fries so that they are not soggy. Here is the link to our YouTube video, How To Reheat Cold French Fries


On our YouTube Video, How To Heat Up Cold French Fries, we walk you through the process on how to make your leftover french fries crispy again.  We've all been there, after a late night do you wind up with a bag or two of leftover french fries from McDonalds. Perhaps you want to reheat cold fries from Burger King, or KFC, no matter the fast-food restaurant where you got the french fries, we will walk you through the step-by-step process on our YouTube video, so that you can reheat those leftover fries and make them delicious again.


Actually the method that we use to reheat french fries that are left over,  makes them better than they were when you pick them up at the fast food restaurant. And that's because in our YouTube video, we show you a seasoning that you can put on the french fries that dramatically enhances the flavor. In fact, a lot of are testers believed that the french fries were better after they were reheated then they were when first purchased from McDonald's.


If you watch other YouTube videos on how to reheat cold fries, you will see that a lot of folks recommend using a cast iron skillet to reheat fries. We tried using a cast iron skillet several times and discovered that a cast iron skillet is not the best way to reheat cold fries. It's not rocket science folks, it's just a matter of salvaging  some munchies to help you deal with a hangover from partying the night before.

We invite you to watch our YouTube video, how to reheat cold fries and let us know what you think in the comment section below the video. Here is the link to our YouTube video, How To Reheat Cold French Fries

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