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KFC Fried Chicken YouTube Video

Watch The YouTube Video

How To Make KFC Chicken

If you are looking for a KFC fried chicken recipe on YouTube, we would like to recommend that you watch our KFC fried chicken recipe video.


Let's face it, everyone loves KFC Fried Chicken? I myself prefer the extra crispy KFC Fried Chicken, well other members of my family usually request the KFC regular Fried Chicken. No matter how you like it, we discovered a way to make homemade KFC Fried Chicken, just as good as the KFC Fried Chicken you will find at your local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.


We may day mountain of chicken, in our attempt to reverse-engineer the KFC fried chicken recipe. And I must say, we nailed it. Now it is extremely difficult to make KFC Fried Chicken at home, because you cannot duplicate the way that it's done in the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. And that's because KFC uses a pressure fryer to broast their chicken in hot oil under pressure. That's not something that a typical homeowner can do. Pressure fryers for fried chicken are extremely expensive. Don't worry we figured out a very easy alternative.


The 11 Herbs And Spices

Now finding the so-called secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices was actually quite easy. It's published in a lot of places on the internet. We tested some of the ones that we found with fried chicken that we purchased from KFC, and we're able to work out the measurements and the the ingredients. That was the easy part.


KFC Extra Crispy Or Regular Recipe

The problem came when we tried to match the texture of Kentucky Fried Chicken, both the regular recipe and extra crispy. Well we figured out a way to do that also! And I think you will be amazed when you watch the Youtube video and see how easy it is


Step By Step Instructions

In our YouTube video, how to make Kentucky Fried Chicken at home, you will find a step by step method that will give you crispy fried chicken with a flavor and texture Equal to what you will find at your local KFC.

We invite you to watch our video, KFC Fried Chicken copycat recipe, and let us know what you think in the comment section of the video.

Watch The YouTube Video

How To Make KFC Chicken

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