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KFC Menu ~ KFC Popcorn Chicken

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KFC Popcorn Chicken ~ Copycat Recipe

We are working our way through the KFC menu. Today we are working on KFC popcorn chicken. And who doesn't love KFC popcorn chicken off of the KFC chicken menu.


We discovered a way to make KFC copycat popcorn chicken at home, so that anytime you start to crave that delicious KFC popcorn chicken, you can whip it up in almost no time. We worked on our KFC popcorn chicken recipe for about 10 days. And in the process prepared about 20 pounds of KFC popcorn chicken. While that may seem like a lot of chicken, when you have several young helpers, 20 pounds of chicken in 10 days was actually not enough.

It all starts with the flour and the chicken. We discovered that you must use flour that has a leavening agent in it. So we use self-rising flour. We also used some ground cornmeal to give our KFC popcorn chicken the exact texture that you find on the KFC menu. We added an additional leavening agent, baking powder.

One of the most important things that we did was to use a brine water to add flavor to the chicken. We let the chicken sit in the brine for at least an hour, and then sometimes we let the chicken sit in the brine overnight in the refrigerator.


We invite you to check out our YouTube video, how to make KFC popcorn chicken and let us know what you think in the comment section of the video.

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