Mcdonald's Signature Sauce Copycat Recipe

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Mcdonald's Signature Sauce Recipe

McDonald's signature sauce? What? I always thought that McDonald's signature sauce was McDonald's Big Mac sauce. Well it turns out that McDonald's, has created a new chicken dipping sauce that they are calling, McDonald's Signature Sauce. It does seem rather confusing doesn't it.


Whether you call it McDonald's signature sauce, or McDonald's chicken dipping sauce, it is actually pretty delicious. So we decided to figure out the recipe and share it with you on a YouTube Video, along with the actual ingredients and measurements.

How Did We Do It

Well the ingredients for McDonald's signature sauce are actually very easy to find. And that's because like every other company that manufactures food consumed by the public in the United States, they are required by federal law to publish the actual ingredients. The difficulty comes if you are trying to figure out a McDonald's signature sauce copycat recipe because you don't need all those ingredients if you are making homemade signature sauce.


The biggest issue you have to figure out is what are the McDonald's signature sauce ingredients that you can leave out of the recipe. And that's because McDonald's has to use certain ingredients in their signature sauce, to keep it fresh and to preserve it so it can be delivered to the restaurants. Remember it's not actually made in the restaurant, it's made in a factory and shipped to the restaurant. We spent about a week working on the recipe and figured it out. And we will share that with you if you watch our YouTube video about McDonald's signature sauce.

Now keep in mind that this is not McDonald's famous Big Mac sauce. This is something completely different, and it's called McDonald's signature sauce.  We invite you to watch the Youtube video, and let us know what you think in the comment section.


Watch The YouTube Video

Mcdonald's Signature Sauce Copycat Recipe

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