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Why Women Hate Soggy Pizza | The Science Behind Soggy Pizza Syndrome

If you're a woman, you probably already know Why Women Hate Soggy Pizza. We were wondering why ourselves and conducted an actual scientific experiment. Our scientific experiment concluded with an understanding of the little known fact as to why Women Don't Like Soggy Pizza (SPS).


What Is SPS

Just like the pharmaceutical community that often over exaggerates a common ailment or condition with a few letters for marketing purposes, we decided that what we discovered, Soggy Pizza Syndrome, needed to be identified with three letters also. Hence the condition, SPS. If you are a female, you probably have suffered from SPS your entire life without even knowing it! In the video we discuss the fact that SPS, is not the kind of thing talked about at parties in polite society. Women have suffered in silence long enough!


How We Conducted Our Scientific Survey

Here is what we did. We went down to our local Sears store before it went out of business and hung out by the women's restroom. Because we figured, hey that's where the women were. Then we surveyed actual numbers of women that came out of the women's restroom. We asked these surprised women before their hands were completely dry, one simple question, why do you think women hate soggy pizza? Some women didn't want to talk about it. But there were a few women who were eager to discuss the matter, as if a burden was being lifted from their shoulders. One woman, who requested to remain anonymous said, OMG, I thought I was the only one. In the end, what we discovered was that women have suffered in silence since Raffaele Esposito, pulled the first pizza out too soon.

Watch The YouTube Video

Why Women Hate Soggy Pizza

Get Out Of My Store You Pervert

Eventually the manager of the store asked us to leave. He said, “get out of my store you pervert, the store is closing.”  And although we considered that to be rather rude because we were there in the name of science, we had gathered enough information to come to a scientific conclusion based on the facts.


Where To Find The Results Of Our Scientific Study

We contacted numerous scientific publications, websites, and other prestigious organizations, but none of them were interested in publishing our results. Rookies! We had no choice but to publish our scientific body of work in a YouTube Video for all to see.


The YouTube Video

What we wound up with is an offbeat YouTube video. If you have ever seen an episode of funny or die, you know that their off the wall humor is not for everybody. In fact, some folks that watch Funny or Die, miss the point completely. Well that's kind of how it is with our YouTube Video, Why Women Hate Soggy Pizza, some folks just might not get it. Since you have read this article this far, you are probably smart enough to get it!

An Invitation To Watch

If you have nothing else to do because you're done binge-watching Stranger Things, why don't you watch our YouTube video, about Soggy Pizza Syndrome, SPS, and let us know what you think.

Watch The YouTube Video

Why Women Hate Soggy Pizza

What Is The Fastest Way To Reheat Pizza

And finally just because we care, we will show you in the video the fastest way to reheat pizza. In fact, we will show you how to reheat frozen pizza in ninety seconds.

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